For the battery to perform at its best and for the intactness of your battery-powered-devices,

        we suggest that you read following Do's and Don'ts.

        • Use the correct type of battery that the instruction tells you.

        • Install the battery in the device correctly. If you install the battery incorrectly, it may short-circuit the battery, and it can cause a battery leakage and may even damage your device.

        • Replace all batteries in a device at the same time. DON’T use old and new ones together in a device, which can cause leak or rupture.

        • Don’t use batteries together with different brands, types, and sizes, otherwise it may weaken the performance of battery, and it may cause battery leakage and damage the device.

        • Remove the batteries from the devices if those devices won’t be used very often.

        • Don’t leave used battery in a device switched on, otherwise it may cause battery leakage and device damage.

        • The battery should be kept in a cool and dry place. We don’t recommend to store the battery in the fridge, which will not increase the battery life.

        • When batteries are unpacked, they should be avoided from physical damage and electrical contact, for example the batteries should not be jumbled together.

        • Don’t recharge the battery unless it is specifically marked “rechargeable”.

        • Don’t dispose of batteries in a fire, because they may leak or rupture.